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Springtide will soon be opening new centers in Shrewsbury, MA and West Hartford, CT! Until then, you can visit us at our nearby temporary centers. Click here for more information on where you can find us!

A holistic center to support children with autism

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Springtide empowers children to reach their greatest potential

We offer personalized, holistic treatment plans for children 2-18 years old with autism. Our interdisciplinary team of caring specialists coordinate daily to track progress and help your child succeed.

Learn how Springtide can support your child.

Meet our clinic

  • Develop skills in a safe, structured, distraction-free environment
  • Maximize your child’s learning potential in functional spaces, sensory rooms, and private one-on-one therapy rooms
  • Holistic, team-based treatment that coordinates all of your therapists in one location

Integrated Telehealth treatments

  • Remote video treatments included with your child’s plan where possible.
  • Parent coaching on engaging with your kids at home
  • Extended hours to match your schedule

Meet our team

Every child is different. Our interdisciplinary team of caring specialists will build a treatment plan for your child’s specific needs to help them succeed.

Dr. Tiva Pierce

Clinical Director

Taylor Lauder

Occupational Therapist

Stephen Graham

Speech Language Pathologist

Springtide is on your team

We’re not your standard clinic. We’ve reimagined the care experience to deliver both better outcomes for your child and more help for parents, too.

Immediate Treatment

It can take months to get care with a traditional clinic. With Springtide, there is no delays. We can assess your child, process insurance, and begin treatment within as little as a few weeks!

Insurance-Covered Care

We accept all insurance. We’ll research your benefits to make sure your care with Springtide is covered.

Deep Partnership with Families

We get to know you as a family. We provide educational resources, streamlined communication, and parental support groups to get families the care they need, too.

Get In touch or call us at 855-945-6214

What our Parents & Experts are saying

Working with Springtide has been a blessing. I love how much my child has changed and improved and I am so excited to see where she will be in a few months. Best Child Development Center around!

— Mariella Russo

We have been nothing but impressed and pleased with our results! My son went from saying 1-2 word sentences to 3-5 word sentences within a matter of weeks. He genuinely looks forward to his sessions with the team.

— Dot Bodur

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We’d love to support you and your child.

The first step is getting in touch.

Call us at 855-945-6214 or fill out our contact form. We’ll schedule an introductory call and short assessment with a member of our clinical team to see if Springtide is right for you.

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