Now Offering Autism Diagnosis Services

Springtide Child Development is now offering diagnosis services to help improve timely access to ABA and other needed therapies for children expressing symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. Insurers require a formal autism diagnosis to allow children and their families to access needed behavioral therapy and support.

This service is being initially rolled out in Connecticut. Our Connecticut-based diagnostician is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with years of experience evaluating children for the presence of autism, using the gold standard Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule™ (ADOS™-2). We are currently pursuing insurance coverage for our diagnostician services, which takes time. In the meantime, we are offering a below-market private pay option.

To learn more about Springtide's diagnosis services, click here or use the button below.
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Ready to Get Started?

To find out more about obtaining a diagnostic assessment at Springtide, give us a call at 203-880-5495 or send us a message at

Springtide Child Development was awarded an Award of Distinction with The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) and is a member of The Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP). These awards celebrate exceptional special needs providers that are leading the way in the areas of clinical quality, staff satisfaction, qualifications, and consumer satisfaction.
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