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Springtide seeks to reimagine the way individuals receive autism therapy and support. Learn what makes us different and how are results stack up against the competition.

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Springtide provides 1:1, personalized therapies, including ABA, speech, occupational and physical therapies. In addition, we offer social skills classes, functional living skills training, school readiness training, language acquisition and family coaching.

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We believe in a world where autism care isn't so complicated. We make it easy to get started with Springtide. After our initial call and intake, we carry the torch and do the heavy lifting for you.

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Our mission is to be the partner for families on their journey. We offer a wealth of resources to our current parents, as well as free resources for the community.

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Reach out today to speak to a member of our team. Whether you're a parent, partner, doctor, or a new friend, we're happy to speak with you.

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Functional Living Skills

Functional living skills do not begin at young adulthood. In fact, many of the skills necessary to master self-care and living skills begin in early childhood. For individuals who have not had adequate functional skills training, they may have difficulty with certain base skills such as communicating their needs, choosing between options, sticking to a plan, or recognizing a certain situation they find themselves in. For someone who struggles with these tasks, daily life can be frustrating and uncomfortable (to say the least), often exhibiting itself as behaviors or outbursts that might get misinterpreted by those around them.

How Do Functional Living Skills Help?

While many of us believe that skills such as money management, cooking, and self-care aren’t honed until we become young adults, the core functions that promote success in these areas are taught at early childhood development ages. Executive function skills, or thinking skills such as planning, decision making, and prioritizing play a key role in mastering more advanced skills and tasks such as those an adult may be asked to do.

Functional Skills Include:

A way to make wants and needs known though language, pictures, signs, etc., including how to say “NO”
Making Choices
Choosing a preferred item or activity, between different toys, etc.
Knowing what to do to keep oneself safe in a dangerous situation, such as in an accident, or in case of a fire, or when encountering a stranger
Taking care of toileting, bathing, and other health and hygiene issues
Leisure and Recreation
Knowing when, and how to relax and have fun
Vocational Skills
Skills that translate into professional working skills

Springtide's Model

Functional Living Skills and Executive Function are a core part of our initial analysis and understanding of each client’s individual program. Our goal is to promote the greatest success both now and in the future, and that means giving our clients the proper tools to take their understanding into new situations and environments. Through our play-based model, our specialists can incorporate executive functioning and living skills training into each session.
Examples Include:
Skill: Organizing
Prompt: "Can we put our toys away when we’re done? Where do they go?"
Skill: Planning
Prompt: "Let’s agree on the next 3 activities we are going to do and then stick to that plan."
Skill: Working Memory
Prompt: " Let’s talk about what we’re doing. Can we stay focused on this task?"
Skill: Paying Attention
Prompt:  "There sure is a lot going on outside. Let’s focus on this book and read it together."
Skill: Initiation
Prompt:  "We know what task is next on our planning list, right?"
Skill: Flexibility
Prompt:  "We wanted to use the water fountain but someone else is already there. That’s ok, we can just wait a little longer for our friend to finish."

Our 360-Approach

Springtide’s 360 approach leaves no stone unturned when determining the best support for our clients. With multiple specialists, including BCBAs, BTs, SLPs, and OTs, under one roof, no one is left out of the loop of a client’s individualized program. Our highly trained therapists can incorporate executive functioning into their session, and the SLP can continue that same lesson by working on Initiation or other communication-based skills. Through play-based sessions and seamless collaboration, our clients aren’t simply memorizing, they’re learning and understanding through the ways that all children learn best.

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Springtide Child Development was awarded an Award of Distinction with The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) and is a member of The Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP). These awards celebrate exceptional special needs providers that are leading the way in the areas of clinical quality, staff satisfaction, qualifications, and consumer satisfaction.
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